DANELA ARSOVSKA President of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce President of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce . DANELA ARSOVSKA

International Arbitration continues with efforts to narrow gender and cultural disparities. Diversity will enhance the arbitration process in the long term and give users access to the very best minds and talents available. Worldwide, women are still underrepresented in arbitration tribunals and global strategy is needed to enhance the diversity of tribunals as well as to increase transparency of international arbitration more generally.

The Incoterms rule . Legal Challenges

In September 2019, the International Chamber of Commerce published Incoterms 2020, the latest edition of the Incoterms rules. First published in 1936 and incorporated by reference into sale and purchase contracts the world over, the Incoterms rules are industry-standard terms governing the delivery of goods in both domestic and international trade transactions. This note discusses some of the key differences between Incoterms 2020 and the previous iteration of the rules, Incoterms 2010..

High Court Of Singapore - Banks Cases .

The Singapore High Court (“Court”) considered whether a bank owed any investment advisory duty to its customer in either contract or tort, and found on the facts of this case that no such duty arose. The Court also alluded to key factors it would consider to determine whether a duty of care arises beyond the contractual duties owed by a bank to its customer.

Marketing through LinkedIn . Mohammed El-Qanini

LinkedIn depends on keywords for personal page search. First, we have to make sure that we choose words that are associated with us, while at the same time may help reaching us and incorporate our details into many of the search engines that companies maintain. This is done by writing such keywords it in the main title on the personal profile, in the summary, the job description of professional experiences, as well as including them in the skills.

Finally, Kuwaiti women are judges . Legal CHallenges

After a long struggle for women in the State of Kuwait to attain the rest of their rights at the forefront of which is ascending to the judiciary, the Attorney General adopted a decision to transfer 8 Deputy Prosecutors and nominate them for judge positions. The decision comes as a historical precedent for the march of Kuwaiti women. The appointee


The State of Kuwait has long been created by world trade between countries and surrounding cities. Kuwait has contributed to the recovery of many cities from the effects of poverty, famine and crisis. It has a sea port, ships, marinas, secured routes and land crossings connected to neighboring cities and countries. The people of Kuwait were merchants of the sea and the land as they maintained this geographical location to which the people used to come. Since it is a safe country enjoying wise leadership

UAE Judicial System Lawyer . Abduallah AL-Awadhi

allowed to either establish its own judiciary or to merge with the federal court system. This System is dual in nature as it has Federal Court System where it includes courts of first instance (trial court), courts of appeal and the court of cassation (Supreme Court) and State Court System where the State (or Emirate) judicial system has also trial,

Dealing with force majeure in “COVID-19” crisis in the Saudi labor system Lawyer . Bandar AlMagames

The global economy has been affected by a health crisis linked to the outbreak of the "Corona virus “COVID-19” by taking precautionary measures including imposing curfews that have had significant impact on restricting human life in order to fight the disease. Associated with such measures, the effectiveness of the essential pillar of the work contract has been disrupted. The question arises whether is the Corona epidemic a force majeure or an emergency? Many international companies opted to terminating the employment contracts of their workers

صناع القانون و قطاع المشروعات الصغيرة Lawyer . AREEJ HAMADAH

لإنشاء نظام قانونى مبسط و مناسب للمنشآت الصغيرة و المتوسطة ينبغي أن لا يكون بواسطة إصلاح و تبسيط المنظم القانونية للشركات القائمة بل عبر وضع نظام قانونى منفصل يركز على إحتياجات المنشآت الصغرى و الصغيرة و المتوسطة لذلك يجب أن لا يعتمد هذا القطاع على قوانين الشركات سواء شركات الأموال أو الأشخاص او غيرها .

The gradual fragmentation and privatization of Italian law sources in corporate governance – Focus on small and medium sized companies Italian Lawyer . Francesca Ricci

Italian company law is undergoing a gradual fragmentation process and diversification phenomenon of the legal sources. Some Authors call it the “privatization of law sources”. Notably, self-regulation codes in corporate governance matters, that are a form of private law, are progressively integrating the main sources of law.

First Female Lawyer in Kuwait Suad Al Jassem EDITOR IN CHIEF . AREEJ HAMADAH

The destiny has chosen me to be professionally trained and taught by the first female lawyer in Kuwait, the general advisor to Ahli Untied Bank, the late, Suad Al Jassem, May Allah rest her soul in the paradise. She was an extraordinary woman who has a deep knowledge in the law and ethics. Has was having a special charisma which mixed between strength and kindness; severeness and flexibility; seriousness and joking. She had a very lovely smile. So, I am proud to be under her leadership for 8 years, during which I have learned a lot from her. Suad Al Jassem graduated from Kuwait University. At the outset of her career, she had worked at Al-Essa and Al-Bader Law Firm. She specialized in personal status lawsuits and her fellow male lawyers, who were very happy for her existence among them, provided considerable support to her. Therefore, she become the only woman who pleads before Kuwaiti courts at that time.


Women, Law and Success, three words that sound paradoxical when used in one sentence for the Eastern Cultures. It has been a revolutionary struggle for women to make a mark and be seen as economy drivers in various fields. Representation of women in law has been especially challenging. Breaking this stereotype is Rishika Arora, 30, a young and dynamic advocate from India. She is overcoming barriers of gender and race bit by bit and thriving to be in the top spot of the International Legal Fraternity

The latest developments in Saudi Arabia in the field of intellectual property women in law . Taghreed AL- Meshariy

The Saudi Intellectual Property Authority (SIPO) was established by Ministerial Decree No. 410 dated 28/6/1438 AH, In 2017, following the approval of the Saudi Council of Ministers to establish the Saudi Intellectual Property Authority, which is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment within the National Transformation Program 2020, which is based on the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and its support for scientific and knowledge development in all sectors.

Chinese European Arbitration Center / CEAC vice president of the Chinese European Arbitration Association CEAA & CEAC . Dr. Elke Umbeck female lawyer from German

1- Tell us about yourself. I am partner of the German Independent law firm In German and foreign clients in all fields of law. My field is that of arbitration and litigation. I am regularly acting as arbitrator and counsel in national and international arbitration proceedings and give advice in complex disputes. 2- what do you do at CEAC? I am vice president of the Chinese European Arbitration Association (CEAA) which is the sole shareholder of the Chinese European Arbitration Center (CEAC) and which helps to promote CEAC.

Human trafficking Lawyer . Dana Nasrallah

Human trafficking is a serious human violation. It comes in different forms, including the removal of organs, forced labour, forced marriage, forced prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation. The traffickers could use women in sex trade, children in forced begging, drugs supply and people in work for no pay.

Key Changes under the Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines FEMALE LAWYER FROM PHILIPPINES . Miriam Rose Ivan L. Pereira

comply with the requirements and resume operations within the period given by the SEC shall cause the revocation of the corporation’s certificate of incorporation. The previous exception for a failure by a corporation to organize, commence operations or carry out the construction of its works, or continuously operate due to causes beyond its control was dropped from the RCC. Revival of Corporate Existence

Legal Aspects of business for women entrepreneurs – global perspective Lawyer . AREEJ HAMADAH

Legal challenges women entrepreneurs face around the world Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a day on which the work of women entrepreneurs is observed and discussed, held on November 19 each year to raise awareness about the problems women facing in entrepreneurship ecosystem. Because only with creating awareness, we can have a world in which we don’t need a special day for women entrepreneurs any more. Confidence is an essential part of prosperity and growth. When a woman leads, others follow. More women are starting businesses, but they still face challenges operating their businesses. The number of women entrepreneurs is on the rise. Regardless of the positive outcomes, women are struggling to survive in the business environment given the challenges they face.

Mixed Legal Systems in United Arab Emirates Attorney at Law and Legal Counsel . Diana Mohamed Hamade

UAE judicial system operates through a bilateral framework involving a civil judiciary based on the French legal system and an Anglo-Saxon judiciary based on English commercial courts. Thus, the UAE has become the only country in the Middle East that has a dual judicial system, similar to other countries like Canada. The start was when Dubai began attracting international financial companies to its free zones, which enjoy special laws enabling foreign investors to full ownership right. Disputes arising in all free zones were subject to the jurisdiction of Dubai Courts, except where the parties agreed on an arbitration clause.