Marketing through LinkedIn . Mohammed El-Qanini

LinkedIn depends on keywords for personal page search. First, we have to make sure that we choose words that are associated with us, while at the same time may help reaching us and incorporate our details into many of the search engines that companies maintain. This is done by writing such keywords it in the main title on the personal profile, in the summary, the job description of professional experiences, as well as including them in the skills.

To increase marketing prospects, it is preferable to add more people who we think may be looking for us as candidates for jobs in their companies, such as hiring officers, or human resources staff. In this case, there is nothing wrong about communicating with them through private messages and asking if they have any job vacancies fit with the experiences and skills we have, since many companies want to hire employees who are passionate about working for them.

Posting contributions or writing articles that depict professional interests or inclinations on the home page is one of the best ways to market. They help in drawing a picture of the quality of our capabilities and strengths. To increase your chances of getting the most views, it is preferred to choose times that are considered appropriate for viewing by the most likely number of visitors. Studies have indicated that, the period from Monday to Thursday, specifically from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., is the most appropriate time to make posts to get the most views, and more views of our profile by others.

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