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On this day, 16 May 2022 (Kuwaiti Women's Day) Head of the Center for Women of Kuwait Bar Association . lawyer alia behbehani

 On this day, 16 May 2022 (Kuwaiti Women's Day)

We ongratulate every Kuwaiti woman on the anniversary of the recognition of her full political rights, after it was approved by the Kuwaiti National Assembly on  16 May 2005, under the wise political leadership, following the issuance of the historic decree by the late Amir Sheikh/ Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may he rest in peace, granting the Kuwaiti women all their political rights to stand for election and vote, believing  that they play an important role and appreciating their support.

We are proud of all the women working in all fields, including women doctors, engineers, teachers, judges, police women, soldiers, and employees in all sectors, especially women lawyers, whom we commend their role in spreading legal awareness and advocating the interests of the country and the citizens, as well as the women volunteers who made every effort in providing support and contributing without  expecting compensations.

We also express our gratitude to the great Kuwaiti women's support in achieving the community development and their significant role in family welfare, especially their political role in the past years and their continuous giving in all stages of nation-building.

Kuwaiti women have suffered a lot to address the challenges of life they faced during Covid-19 pandemic.

We underline their great and influential role under these exceptional circumstances that the country has faced during the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, whether socially, regarding her family and children, or practically, in the light of addressing the crises. It is no surprise that she is the best supporter of men in terms of facing crises, building, developing, and achieving the goals of this  generous country.

However, there are many challenges that must be addressed with transparency and objectivity, including political challenges, especially in the light of the absence of Kuwaiti women from the National Assembly and the urgent need to amend some legislation that discriminates against women and includes violence challenges against them.

May God bless and secure Kuwait and its people from all harm. We hope that God will unfold this gloominess soon. We aspire to a bright future for our beloved country, Kuwait.

And we also hope to overcome together the consequences of this cries, whether socially, economically or politically.

Kuwaiti women are always have a leading, supportive, responsible and effective role in decision-making.

In addition,  we contribute to achieve the fifth goal of sustainable development, which provides for the gender equality and women's empowerment in order to achieve Kuwait Vision 3035.


Prof. Alia Behbehani

Head of the Center for Women of Kuwait Bar Association


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