If your hand is reward short, be thankful. EDITOR IN CHIEF . AREEJ HAMADAH

No matter what achievements we attain and open ways to succeed and reach what we dreamt of, we should not overlook who was the reason for our success; who supported us and held our hand to continue on our journey to success and progress. No matter how we express our gratitude to them, the words remain short. In fact, nothing is poorer than a person who isn’t thankful to others. My career life was not an easy journey, nor my path was filled with flowers. It was full of thorns, and I had faced many obstacles, difficulties and impediments. Many others fought against me without a mistake on my part. They closed all doors before my face without a convincing reason. Others claimed my efforts and initiatives for their own in a cheap attitude, while others sought to discredit me and backstab me falsely.


The outbreak of coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) is viciously impacting the whole world, in a way forcing companies, banks, financial corporations and factories to act accordingly, and be prepared for the anticipated financial and legal implications. Losses are certainly not limited to lives but will extend to have serious impacts on global economy. The urgent question is how the world will fulfill the future needs of global markets, being heavily dependent on Chinese industry, while Chinese factories are shut down to control the spread of the virus?

Kuwait Lawyers Society and Marketing Crime Lawyer . AREEJ HAMADAH

Kuwait Lawyers Society announced on social media that it has issued a decision to refer all lawyers who use social networking sites for marketing to themselves and their law firms to the disciplinary board. It further called to delete of their names from the legal profession, because that is contrary to the charter of honor and is rather degrading to the legal profession and ethical practice. This attitude remains controversial knowing that all present members of Kuwait Law Society Board continue to market themselves through social media! I find this behavior contradictory. Since when is marketing and seeking to attract new clients a crime, a degradation, and an attempt against manners?

Legal Aspects of business for women entrepreneurs – global perspective Lawyer . AREEJ HAMADAH

Legal challenges women entrepreneurs face around the world Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a day on which the work of women entrepreneurs is observed and discussed, held on November 19 each year to raise awareness about the problems women facing in entrepreneurship ecosystem. Because only with creating awareness, we can have a world in which we don’t need a special day for women entrepreneurs any more. Confidence is an essential part of prosperity and growth. When a woman leads, others follow. More women are starting businesses, but they still face challenges operating their businesses. The number of women entrepreneurs is on the rise. Regardless of the positive outcomes, women are struggling to survive in the business environment given the challenges they face.