If your hand is reward short, be thankful. EDITOR IN CHIEF . AREEJ HAMADAH

No matter what achievements we attain and open ways to succeed and reach what we dreamt of, we should not overlook who was the reason for our success; who supported us and held our hand to continue on our journey to success and progress. No matter how we express our gratitude to them, the words remain short. In fact, nothing is poorer than a person who isn’t thankful to others.

My career life was not an easy journey, nor my path was filled with flowers. It was full of thorns, and I had faced many obstacles, difficulties and impediments. Many others fought against me without a mistake on my part. They closed all doors before my face without a convincing reason. Others claimed my efforts and initiatives for their own in a cheap attitude, while others sought to discredit me and backstab me falsely.


On the other hand, I did not allow any of that to defeat me. My decisive response was to work diligently being a true believer in Allah Almighty support. I’m grateful to Allah and I am very happy today because I am still standing still. Those born at times of storms do not fear windy days. However, if I cannot prevent the birds of burdens from hovering over my head, I’m confident that I can prevent them from nesting within.


Today, I opt to write the editorial of my new project, to thank and deeply appreciate all those who supported me in the midst of my frustration and sadness. I would like to thank everyone who helped me, and offered support and advice. It added to my confidence in what I offer and boosted my will to do what I aspire to. I also thank all those who have endured all such bad words that have been said against me by way of punishment, as they may think being an ambitious woman who adores work and production in a male society that has not given me the opportunity, yet I created it my own. This would not have been easy without my family's support and encouragement. Thank you; you have endured it all with love and compassion.


Thank you Abu Abd Al-Rahman Hamada, my father who I pray that Allah entertains him in his Paradise.

Thanks to my mother Badriya Al-Awwad

Thank you to my beloved husband Ayham Al-Muhaini

Thank you to my brothers Dalia and Abdelaziz Hamada

Thank you to my Father of law  Dr. Mohammed Al-Muhaini, Thanks to my Mother of law Suad Al-Mutawa

Thank you to the family of Anbaa Newspaper

A word of thanks and gratitude is not enough to repay you

I’m really excited for this new beginning, despite of the challenges as we encounter but little by little, however my difficulties began to disappear.

So for those who choice to stay (thank you ) & those who choice to go (thank you for all your time you given to me )


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