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Kuwaiti Lawyer Woman Lawyer . Hadeel Al-Anzi


She is the first to practice law in the Gulf, which is a humanitarian career before being commercial. It is undoubtedly considered one of the most difficult careers that refine a woman's personality from experience, experiments and involving with all society spectrums.

A Kuwaiti lawyer woman faces many professional and social challenges, the most important of which is the view of some members of society that women face difficulty in criminal or political cases. Therefore, in our society, we did not see a female component in any political case although that Kuwaiti women lawyers are pioneers and succeeded in breaking men's monopolization and proved themselves professionally and personally ... My career began at the age of 21 as a trained lawyer and one of the difficulties I faced was choosing the appropriate office for training as there are many areas of cases and advisors in it to obtain the best experiences. From that point, I began confrontations with employers << How to control and keep your uniqueness under its shadow>>.

In the meantime, I was able to establish a beautiful family of two children and worked very hard "to juggle between the family and work. One of the career difficulties is the inability to take a long leave (to childbirth, or for maternity). The longest period I dropped out of the work was ten days after birth. At that time, I realized that the woman who is practicing law should take into account that she might be absent from her home and family for unlimited hours…

It was one of the most beautiful years despite the pressure of work, low salary, competition between colleagues and teamwork.

This phase ended with the start of opening my private office and getting my independence, and in the presence of Court sessions, police stations, investigations, and meetings with clients. At that time I felt the need to contribute to social activities, and I represented the Human Rights Association in the committees of the Kuwaiti National Assembly to discuss legislation for the Child Act of 2015.

In 2017, I was recommended to head the Voluntary Legal Development Center in the largest governorate in the State of Kuwait. At this point, I entered into a greater conflict and realized that there are wars that I called [post-conflict], even if they are voluntary; and that your work negatively affects the presence of others, even if it benefits the community.

At that time, I made several conversational and awareness-raising enlightening meetings in all sectors of the state. I participated as the head of the center in several conferences and other effective social activities. It attracted my attention that the lawyer woman, in every work and accomplishment, is fought by the man before the woman; and I tried to justify this in several reasons:

  • Is it a jealous of success?

  • Or his belief that law is a monopoly on him.

  •  Or other causes which their roots are oriental customs.

Therefore, I decided to do a feminist honor for lawyer women in a classy place as its social status. This was the first honor of its kind at the level of the State of Kuwait in the Red Palace Diwan, a palace built by the ruler of Kuwait Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah in 1896; it was called relative to the red clay that it was built thereof. It is considered one of the most important historical and civilizational features of the State of Kuwait; it was an honor to the lawyer women in various governmental, civil and private sectors.

It is the lawyer woman who is able to overcome all challenges and difficulties that she may face in its career.

We grant a great honor for every Kuwaiti and Arab lawyer woman.

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