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The State of Kuwait has long been created by world trade between countries and surrounding cities. Kuwait has contributed to the recovery of many cities from the effects of poverty, famine and crisis. It has a sea port, ships, marinas, secured routes and land crossings connected to neighboring cities and countries. The people of Kuwait were merchants of the sea and the land as they maintained this geographical location to which the people used to come. Since it is a safe country enjoying wise leadership, it deals with issues with a clear vision and never wrongs people. For the British Empire, on which the sun never sets, Kuwait was an important point. The people of Kuwait made good use of the British colonization with the aim of developing Kuwait’s navigational role in the region. Therefore, maritime, land and, hence, air navigation expanded and flourished.

Kuwait is one of the unique countries in the Middle East. In 2020, we are looking forward to a new Kuwait through the State’s promising vision 2035. Based on the vision of His Highness Sheikh Sabah AL-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Emir of the State, Kuwait has transformed into an attractive financial and commercial hub for investment. Through this vision, the private sector leads the economic activity, and under a supportive institutional system, competition is promoted and efficiency of production increased. Moreover, values are inculcated, social identity maintained and human and balanced development achieved. Meanwhile, adequate infrastructure, sophisticated legislation and an encouraging business environment are provided. Such vision, for me, is a treasure extracted by His Highness, the Emir of Kuwait, for the people of Kuwait and for future generations. Our key role is to realize this vision, whether through contribution, action or encouragement.

We, the Kuwaiti Lawyers’ Association, have initiated an International Navigation Commission. It aims at strengthening the vision through a voluntary, legal civil society, as follows:

  • Coordination with competent authorities, responsible for enforcing and activating navigation law, and enhancing performance with the purpose of serving Kuwait and those working in both private and public sectors.
  • Development of navigation law and services to keep pace with developed countries in terms of commercial and organizational aspects, and scrutiny of international treaties.
  • Informing the legal community of the importance of international navigation as a basis for establishment of the long-standing State of Kuwait.
  • Clarification of the most important legal points that protect both transporter and transported.
  • Activation of these laws on the ground and communication with investors to achieve the new vision of Kuwait.
  • Informing the legal community of rights and breaches in accordance with new laws.


  • Communicating with international organizations, the Arab League and the GCC to find a system that benefits the navigation sector in Kuwait.
  • Extending cooperation between the Kuwaiti Lawyers’ Association and the competent authorities.
  • Through the above-mentioned commission, we shall pursue development of air, maritime and land navigation.


The new vision of Kuwait has seven valuable pillars as follows:

  • Distinctive International Position: Enhancing the regional and global position of the State of Kuwait in the fields of diplomacy, commercial and cultural exchange and charity work. Thus, 1.5 % of the GDP will be devoted to global charity.
  • Advanced Infrastructure: Developing and modernizing the infrastructure of the state to improve the quality of life for all citizens, with investment of more than 11%.
  • Creative Human Capital: Reform of the education system to better prepare the youth with the aim of making them acquire competitive and productive capabilities that benefit the national workforce. Therefore, thirteen colleges are set up to accommodate 40,000 students.
  • Active Governmental Management: Reform of administrative and bureaucratic practices to enhance measures of transparency, regulatory accountability and the effectiveness of government machinery. A period of 20 days has been determined to obtain a commercial license. 
  • High-Quality Health Care: Improving the quality of service in the public health-care system and developing national capacities at a reasonable cost, with an increase of 8,000 beds.
  • Diverse and Sustainable Economy: Developing a prosperous and diversified economy to reduce the state’s extreme dependence on revenues from oil exports, by adding 3,500 minor commercial projects.
  • Sustainable Living Environment: Ensuring the availability of housing units through the provision of environmentally sound resources and plans, by increasing the proportion of renewable energy to form 15% of total consumption.


The new vision of Kuwait needs to concert efforts and believe that the future has come and must be created. We, the Kuwaiti Lawyers’ Association, believe in this vision. Therefore, we have established the International Navigation Commission in realization for the importance of the law of navigation. We attempt to strengthen the vital role of civil society in the state, and accordingly, we contribute to boosting development with the aim of achieving the new vision of Kuwait and making it a financial and commercial hub.     

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