Finally, Kuwaiti women are judges . Legal CHallenges

After a long struggle for women in the State of Kuwait to attain the rest of their rights at the forefront of which is ascending to the judiciary, the Attorney General adopted a decision to transfer 8 Deputy Prosecutors and nominate them for judge positions. The decision comes as a historical precedent for the march of Kuwaiti women. The appointee judges are:

Counsel Fatima Faisal Al-Kandari

Counsel Bashir Saleh Al-Raqdan

Counsel Fatima Yaqoub Al-Farhan

Counsel Sanabel Badr Al-Houti

Counsel Fatima Abdel Moneim Al-Sagheer

Counsel Roa Essam Al-Tabtabai

Counsel Lulwa Ibrahim Al-Ghanim.

The admission of women into the Kuwaiti judiciary marks the beginning of breaking the glass ceiling for women in legal profession and their advancement in the legal field dominated by men. The appointment of Kuwaiti women as judges is a historic day we've been waiting for.

Legal Challenges Magazine team avails itself of this cheerful opportunity to congratulate them all and wish them more triumph and success. This decision comes as an accomplished entitlement now that they have succeeded in their deputy prosecutor positions. This bold recognition of the appointments endorsed under the former Minister of Justice and Endowments decision Mr. Yacoub Al-Sane goes face to face with fierce attacks of political Islamized attempts to crush this move. The decision was long hindered and awaited despite the fact that the Kuwaiti Constitution has not prohibited the entry of women into the judiciary, and has equated between men and women.

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