Arab Plastic Factory success journey Chairman of Board of Directors . AbdulAziz AlKhodairi


Project Idea:

The project idea emerged in 1978 with the aim of establishing the Arab Plastic Factory to produce plastic bags of all types, as one the branches of Al-Khudairi Group for General Trading and Contracting Company, in order to cover the requirements of the local market. An area of 4,000 square meters was allocated in Sabhan Industrial Area, and the Arab Plastic Factory is considered one of the oldest factories specialized in this field in the State of Kuwait at that time.

After the completion of the construction, licensing, and purchase of equipment, the first production of the Arab Plastic Factory for the local market was in 1983, with production capacity of 180 tons per month.

Project Development:

The Arab Plastic Factory started its production in the early 1983, as the production was diverse including plastic bags used in shopping, and the bags used for packaging bread, garbage bags, agricultural preserves rolls, and aluminum foil.

The management of the Arab Plastic Factory conducted the continuous marketing studies for the local market’s demands, and the increase of the production capacity of the factory with variety of products to meet the local market’s demands, until the production capacity of the Arab Plastic Factory reached 500 tons per month in 1997.

The management maintained this level of the production and marketing development and it did not stop conducting the marketing studies and surveys for the local market with great concentration on attending the international exhibitions for products machines in which the Arab Plastic Factory is specialized, especially the exhibition held in Germany (Dusseldorf Plastic Exhibition). As well as the other exhibition held in China (Chinaplas Shanghai Exhibition) where the exhibit the most modern technology and production tools in this field.

In 2008, the Arab Plastic Factory witnessed one of the most important stations in its development process

As high-tech machines were adopted in the factory, which contributed to increasing the production capacity to 800 tons per month, with significant diversification in production by adding new products according to the marketing study of the local market and its requirements for such products.

In 2016, a new study was conducted that led to a comprehensive development stage through adopting multi-track process:

  • The first track is the complete renovation of the premises of the Arab Plastic Factory and establishment of a new building for the management.

  • The second track is the technical development and addition of high-tech machines, high production and better quality. Moreover, with the beginning of 2017, with the help of God and the good performance of the executive team, the Arab Plastic Factory achieved a production capacity that reached 1,200 tons per month i.e. approximately 30% of the requirements of the local market from the Arab Plastic Factory. As it is distributed among all the sectors of the local market including food companies, central markets, cooperatives, bakeries, ministries of the state, and aviation companies.

In 2018, the Factory has witnessed the biggest step in development: After the completion of the required studies and several procedures, a new industrial plot was allocated with the area of 4,000 square meters as an extension to the Arab Plastic Factory. Now, the construction and finishing are about to complete and will be ready for kick-off in the early 2022, and it will be allocated for a group of products with special tradition, that are new and varied according to the requirements of the market and we will announce them after the completion of the import of the machines and equipment.

During the continuous work and development process of the Arab Plastic Factory, we have always been mindful and we have a basic objective of reaching a method that helps in preserving the environment in the beloved country of Kuwait. The work team concerned with developing the performance communicates and studies with the specialized global companies in transferring the plastic products to environment friendly products that do not harm the environment, and after several studies and research, the decision was in 2019. As it was agreed with (WELLS PLASTICS LIMITED), which is the developing company, the owner, and manufacturer of (Reverte) technology, biodegradable through oxidation, and the headquarters of the company in the heart of the United Kingdom. It is a leading company in the field of research and development related to the plastic additions, which develops innovative solutions to improve the technical properties of plastic for more than 25 years.

As it depends on (Reverte Oxo-biodegradable Technology) and thus helps to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment.

As part of our keenness to spread the environmental awareness, we organized during January 2020, a conference in this respect under the auspices of Al-Khudairi Group Company, in which the manufacturing company participated and also the concerned departments, and a large number of people interested in the environment conservation.

Currently, the Arab Plastic Factory adopts this technology with many of its products ad clients in order to preserve the environment in the beloved State of Kuwait.

In 2021, and in order to complete the development process, the Arab Plastic Factory obtained three ISO certificates as follows:

- ISO  9001: 2015 (Quality Management System)

- ISO 14001: 2015 (Environment Management System)

- ISO 45001: 2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)


Key Drivers of Success:

  • Setting specific goals for the project.

  • Building a strong, cooperative and integrated administrative work team.

  • Conducting continuous studies for the market and its demands.

  • Continuous follow-up of the new technology and development in the machines and equipment used in the production process through attending the specialized exhibitions.

  • Ensuring the continuous training and increasing the performance of technicians in all production sections.

  • Ensuring the spirit of respectful treatment with the technicians and production crews and opening communication channels with the management through open meetings, in order to communicate, and listen to development proposals.

  • Employing Kuwaiti expertise and providing the factory with national labor with high efficiency.

The Societal Role of the Arab Plastic Factory      (amended)

The Arab Plastic Factory plays a leading societal role in providing support to the students as well as cooperating with them in conducting research, graduation projects and caring for them, in addition to giving the opportunity to the students of the College of Engineering through organizing visits and providing support by training fresh graduates.

The Arab Plastic Factory is committed to the societal responsibility and it played a pioneer role during the Corona crisis, as it cooperates with the different ministries of the State and with the Ministry of Health through medical emergency department.

The personal experience in managing the Arab Plastic Factory:

Finally, I can say that working in the industrial sector has something that distinguishes it and makes it an attractive business, as all my experience and interests since the beginning of my career were in the field of jewelry design and commercial sector. Then, I joined the management of the industrial sector in 1997, and I gave the management in this sector the required interest. Therefore, it was a new addition of a valuable skill in the industrial sector, as this sector is distinctive as an active and renewable sector with various technologies and it has continuous and permanent renovation, as well as continuous co

mmunication with all the operating crews in all business sectors.





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