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Human trafficking Lawyer . Dana Nasrallah

Human trafficking is a serious human violation. It comes in different forms, including the removal of organs, forced labour, forced marriage, forced prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation. The traffickers could use women in sex trade, children in forced begging, drugs supply and people in work for no pay.

Another point worth noting that, forced labour is the first common reason for trafficking. By that forced labour is the second largest crime in the world. More than 64% of them are in the private economy, exploited by individuals or company to repay a favour or a loan. This could continue for the next generations.

Vulnerability to being trafficked can be attributed for many factors, but mostly for social and economic factors. Traffickers target a person because he or she recognises his vulnerability. Traffickers use ways of deception, violence, and blackmail to keep them in this trauma. They take advantage of lack of knowledge of law or their language barriers.

Furthermore, it is often described as a highly profitable crime with low risk. More than that it is the second largest industry crime in the world, with an estimated $31 billion in profits.

Sometimes it is just as a part of bigger international organised crime, alongside other crimes such as money laundry as well as financial and immigration crimes.

In order to end this trauma, we all should do our best, at individual and government levels. Even small action such as reporting any potential victims might save live.

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