jewelry design Jewellery Designer . Khawla Al Ayoub

  • I choose a jewelry design field as a hobby, business and study.

  • “Dantein” is the plural of dana and dana.

  • Dantein Jewelry characterizes the small detail from the piece to the box and the ring.

  • I was started working on jewelry over 18 years.

  • The most prominent of Dantein design is the first Kuwaiti currency, a collection of jewelry holding this design which attracting people and demand.

  •  I draw my inspiration from everything beautiful and feminine.

  • The fingerprint I am trying to highlight is the mastery of manufacture, which holds the name of Kuwait.

  • Currently, we’re in the Gulf and I have many customers.

  • The challenges are the laws that the state presents in the jewelry world in Kuwait that require a long time and lengthy procedures until the piece is presented to people.

  • In my opinion, it is the passion and love of job you work that makes a successful jewelry designer.

  • Legislate laws that are fair between the trader and the customer.

  • Kuwaiti women are producers.

  • Social media is the first portal now to connect with people and create customers.

  • My future projects that I have a place, a distinguished shop with new ideas in the jewelry field.

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