Small Projects Certified Trainer in the Field of Small Projects . Mubarak Al-Ismail

The State of Kuwait witnesses a significant decline in the economic situation, as there are a lot of small projects that have faltered, and there are other projects that have declared bankruptcy and the situation is economically unstable. One of the most important reasons that led to the deterioration of the economic situation in the State of Kuwait is the low price of a barrel of oil, and as you all know that Kuwait is a state based on the oil industry, and there must be an alternative source of income for the state. Another reason for the low economic situation in Kuwait is the tendency of the public sector to complete various projects in the country, which leads to reduced cash flow in the private sector and thus affects small projects and individuals and their economic and consuming behavior.

  In order for the economic situation in the State of Kuwait to improve, the public sector must offer the private sector the opportunity to contribute to the completion of some projects in a broader way, in order to benefit the large segment of individuals and families working in the private sector, which will move and improve the economic wheel in the state.

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