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Meta description Legal advisor in Saudi Arabia and the Managing Partner of the legal platform . Taghreed Almashari

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With a large legal experience, and previous experience advising the biggest Saudi companies how to start and scale in the Saudi Market, Taghreed Almashari is now appointed as the Managing Partner of the legal platform According to the interview held with Ms. Taghreed, " Elmetr appears to be a great solution to the Saudi legal industry, serving thousands of litigants, making their life much easier”.

Our short term plan, In the second quarter of 2022, on one side, we plan to have the best 60 lawyers in Riyadh covering the different specializations. One the other side, we plan to service over 5000 clients.




 "The managing partner of in KSA " Taghreed Almashari" Working as a legal counsel in Saudi Arabia, with a quiet experience at local law firms, international law firms in Europe, private and public sector.


She provides advisory/legal services to many sectors such as: Commercial services, including: (drafting, analyzing, and reviewing all commercial contracts, franchising, and commercial agency, sale and purchase agreements, mortgage and leasing, drawing up the organization of commercial operations, establishing and registering trademarks, including branches and trade names, merger and acquisition. Almashari has knowledge in Zakat and tax services (preparing the financial statements and final accounts for the past year and preparing the next year's budget). Furthermore, she’s an expert in corporate governance, which includes: (preparing and reviewing the articles of association and contracts of incorporation of companies, preparing and building the entire governance framework and including the regulations of councils and its committees, the regulations of administrative committees and governance policies, the matrix of powers, reviewing the requirements of governance in full according to the legal form of each company. Also, she is a  business developer who implements and coordinates corporate business plans. Her main goal is to deploy new growth levers for the company, by working on developing a long-term vision while at the same time rolling out tactics to rapidly conquer new markets.



Vision of Elmetr in Saudi Arabia


Technology and innovation underpin large domains of Saudi Arabia's National Transformation Program. As it aspires to improve economic competitiveness and enhance efficiency, Vision 2030 will demand Saudi Arabia to embrace and to invest substantially in new technologies.

Find out which tech developments to expect in the Kingdom and how this will impact regulation.


As a result of Vision 2030, we see transformations transpiring speed, increased investment, potential privatization opportunities, raised government support for technological solutions, and more widespread technology adoption. The Kingdom will need to balance this fast shift with regulation to protect corporations and consumers.


New Tech Laws and Legislations


To promote change and encourage innovation, we expect more focus on laws identifying digital transactions. At the same time, we also expect legal and regulatory measures to establish higher information security and data protection standards. ’s managing partner " Taghreed Almashari '' said the Kingdom's telecommunications sector regulator – the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) – issued a public consultation on a proposed regulation for cloud computing in July 2016. The consultation paper highlighted the anticipation of the regulatory status of cloud computing in the Kingdom and security risks connected with cloud usage as crucial factors in the need for regulation.


Almashari mentioned that it is refreshing to see the Saudi regulatory authorities, such as the CITC, taking a proactive and consultative approach to the new regulation. By inviting comments on significant legislation such as the proposed cloud framework, the outcome will hopefully consider the range of industry views and result in comprehensive and practical legislation.


Opportunities for Tech Companies


The opportunities for technology companies appearing from Vision 2030 are considerable. The possibility to shape the future of the Kingdom presents a glamorous and rare chance for companies to deliver solutions that can make a real difference. We expect that suppliers will be encouraged to be creative and offer products and services that can integrate with Saudi Arabia's future vision.

At the same time, all organizations will be required to monitor the developing legal and regulatory frameworks around the use of technology and data processing. We expect that information security and data protection will be significant themes for future legislation, in addition to specific regulations on particular technology products and services. In some cases, this will create additional administrative and licensing burdens that will need to be considered alongside the market entry opportunities.










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