Attorney Areej Hamada: “The Court confirmed the exclusion of heirs from a property at KWD 1,000,000 for the interest of my clients”. Lawyer . AREEJ HAMADAH

Attorney Areej Hamada wins a case in favor of her clients (heirs) by proving the exclusion of some heirs from their share in the property worth KWD 1,000,000 and their eligibility to complete the procedures necessary to complete the registration and marking procedures, and prove the Defendant’s exclusion.

“The judgment was rendered by the Head Counselor/ Mahmoud Al-Mulla, the Member Counselor/ Mahmoud Qasim and the Counselor/ Bandar Al-Dhafiri” Attorney Areej Hamada declared.

Whereas the judgment’s grounds indicated that the Court will not comply with the Defendant in what he stated in his defense that the assignment of the property to his (interdicted) mother is nothing but an after-death will and that the Defendant has retreated the assignment and that the Court considers that this act is nothing but a gift. Whereas the case documents didn’t include such a document proving the Defendant’s mother consent to return the gift granted to her by the Defendant. Similarly, the case documents didn’t indicate the availability of a case of permissibility of a gift retreat, the matter with which the Court considers that my clients’ request to prove the exclusion from the heirs’ share for the benefit of my clients came on a sound basis of reality and law and thus the request shall be accepted as set forth in the operative part.

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