Abolition of the Civil Service Bureau Lawyer . Danah Nasrallah

Abolition of the Civil Service Bureau  


No reform is possible without putting competent people in the right place. Perhaps the beginning will be through the abolition of the Civil Service Bureau, which contributed to the accumulation of graduates over years and not placing them in places that suit their specializations and ambitions. As well as destroying their hopes of employment in the field they prefer, love, and spent their life studying it, hence the disguised unemployment.

It is necessary to establish an agency or authority to identify competent people without nepotism, where the focus shall be on the interests of governmental bodies, ending nepotism in all its forms, achieving justice among members of society, and provision of equal opportunities.

The purpose of the agency or authority shall be to collect data on graduates looking for jobs and those with experience, and when there are suitable vacancies for them, recruitment and placement shall be done through this agency or authority.

In addition to coordinating with higher education to develop special files for graduates with higher degrees from abroad, which in turn leads to the enrichment of local administrations with Kuwaiti competencies mixed with experience from abroad.

Youth is the basic building block in the development of any society. Giving them the opportunities they deserve will undoubtedly reflect positively on government work.

There are many young men and women whose dreams have been destroyed after graduation, as they cannot be employed in the right job.

Moreover, many university graduates spent many years waiting for the Civil Service Bureau to place them in a suitable job.

Many people also could see others parachuting down into leadership positions for which he/she is not qualified.

Isn't It Time For A Change?


Lawyer. Danah Nasrallah



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