An initiative launched by a group of initiators in various areas of entrepreneurship for the benefit of society by strengthening the leading role of Kuwaiti youth, promoting a culture of entrepreneurship and providing fields of action among them, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of self-employment by creating business incubators and accelerators to create models of future entrepreneurs.  



To be a leading center in creating models of future entrepreneurs by contributing to development of the state “Kuwait 2035” and sustainable development, in realization of the vision of his Highness regarding conversion of Kuwait into a commercial and financial hub.



To empower young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs to an active part of development projects and to promote a culture of entrepreneurship with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of self-employment.





The Association of Entrepreneurship Development aims at creation of encouraging opportunities for the purpose of significant contribution of initiators. The Association seeks to achieve a range of objectives, the most prominent of which are as follows:

  1. Cooperation with private and public sectors, and associations of public interest and civil society to reach entrepreneurs with the aim of training and developing them to acquire skills, raise productivity, establish and develop projects and improve the business environment.
  2. Qualification of entrepreneurs for general policies and procedures regarding the operation of incubators and accelerators in order to achieve sustainable national economic and social development.
  3. Creation of a group of innovative entrepreneurs to be the cornerstone of creative human capital for next generations in order to enhance competitiveness of the national economy and develop its distinctive technology-based infrastructure.
  4. Promotion of creative awareness and exchange of ideas and experiences regarding highlighting the capabilities of the talented, inventors and innovators, developing their potentials and shedding the light on the distinguished in the state.   
  5. Development of entrepreneurs and distinguished youth and supporting their competitive businesses to enter regional and international markets in order to ensure versified economy and guaranteed sustainability.
  6. Attraction of innovators and creation of specialized incubators and accelerators to pursue creativity with a view of continuation of innovative work, and preparation of frameworks and mechanisms used in developed global economies in order to transform the national vision into a project in line with the framework of national policies for science and development.
  7. Contribution to establishing and developing groups of entrepreneurs on the basis of information and technology to be able to keep pace with modern challenges, and developing them through training in gap-filling systems to increase efficiency, creativity and excellence.


  1. Creation of entrepreneurs’ spirit of loyalty to a creative environment cherished by initiators, and sharpening their potentials to create an environment of competition and positive challenge, which impacts on the social standing and indicators of competitiveness in the state.  

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