Oil Giant Company Saudi Arabia makes Economic History Lawyer . AREEJ HAMADAH

n less than 48 hours, Saudi Aramco ranked on the top of economic deals at the global level to top the economic scene and broke the records to displace the biggest and largest international companies from the leadership such as Apple in terms of market value. This is a great achievement for the future vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030. This achievement is a pride for the Arab Gulf Countries. The success of any Gulf Country reflects positively on the region in general and contributes to raising its economy.

The latest developments in Saudi Arabia in the field of intellectual property women in law . Taghreed AL- Meshariy

The Saudi Intellectual Property Authority (SIPO) was established by Ministerial Decree No. 410 dated 28/6/1438 AH, In 2017, following the approval of the Saudi Council of Ministers to establish the Saudi Intellectual Property Authority, which is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment within the National Transformation Program 2020, which is based on the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and its support for scientific and knowledge development in all sectors.

kuwait's foregin relations with the eurpean countries started Kuwaiti Researcher . Fahad Al Abdulajaleel

Pearl diving and fishing were the main source of livelihood in Kuwait at its inception. At the end of the 18th century, Kuwaitis knew about the sailing travel and owned the sailing vessels, they arrived with them to the West India and East Africa coasts. The Kuwait port located in the north of the Gulf, became an important trading center, a link between India, Aleppo, Turkey and Europe, and the privileged geographical location of Kuwait helped it gain commercial importance from a long time ago and became a natural outlet for the northeastern Arabian Peninsula and its privileged location also helped it be a station for commercial convoys between Najd and Aleppo

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