On 9th October 2017, the Court of Cessation overturned the judgment of the Court of Appeal, as the sub-appeal was rejected while the original appeal w Founder Of Legal Challenges Group - Boutique Law Firm & International Magazine . AREEJ HAMADAH

The Attorney/ Areej Hamadeh, in her capacity as an agent of the Appellant, explained in a statement that she had filed her lawsuit starting with keeping the Defendants under the obligation of payment of an amount of (only one million, three hundred ninety-four thousand, four hundred and fifty-nine dinars and 854 fils)

High Court Of Singapore - Banks Cases .

The Singapore High Court (“Court”) considered whether a bank owed any investment advisory duty to its customer in either contract or tort, and found on the facts of this case that no such duty arose. The Court also alluded to key factors it would consider to determine whether a duty of care arises beyond the contractual duties owed by a bank to its customer.

Attorney, Areej Hamada, obtains a final ruling in favor of my client dropping the State’s right to claim three-year- financial statute of limitations .

The Kuwaiti Court of Cassation overturned the appealed ruling that a government entity had the right to deduct amounts retroactively after ten years, which had already been disbursed to my client for the period from 31/02/2005 to 02/02/2006, and ruled that the right of the State to do so has expired in accordance with the statute of limitation.