Editorial Unified Gulf Economic Laws EDITOR IN CHIEF . AREEJ HAMADAH

The Arab Gulf Countries seek to unify their economic laws, which is a big step forward to integrate success in the Gulf system, which is the wealthiest in the world. Successful gatherings between countries that are collected by commercial and unified laws guarantee protection for all parties, especially in light of the global open markets, in addition to that it is considered a strong support for the economic move in several respects, the most important of which is attracting foreign investments. That is why this Gulf Legislative Movement is very necessary at this stage and in support of the Gulf system, as all Gulf Countries began to move towards building non-oil economies to diversify the sources of income, which confirms the necessity of keeping pace with this development, by means of considering and caring for the legislation of unified Gulf Laws, but we must avoid jumping for speed. On the legislative level, further study is required to achieve quality in formulation and consequently quality in application. Therefore, the unified legal legislative integration of the GCC countries is to enhance the success of this system which Almighty Allah have endowed with a special nature which helps to transfer and crystallize this harmony in the data in order to fully achieve interconnection between these countries and their peoples. Therefore, this Gulf unity needs to translate this harmony among member states into reality. One of the most important of these means is the unification of laws among the member states, as it is the mirror that reflects the unity and strength of this regional entity in front of the global community, and it shows seriousness in facing the changes in the world and its credibility in front of the economic world in implementing the Gulf Economic Agreement. Several Unified Gulf Laws have already been enacted, for example (the system) of the Gulf Trademark Law to replace the local trademark law with member states and in order to ensure the best implementation of these laws, the establishment of the Gulf Court must be expedited.

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