Work Future for Women in the World of Technology The Founder Start Up Platform . Eman Al-Abd Al-Ghani

Women face a very significant possibilities of losing jobs that can be replaced by technical programs and artificial intelligence in many areas, in addition to significant challenges in addressing the rapid change of business requirements as it will be necessary to develop and acquire skills that will be mainly required to represent most of  jobs in the future such as: full knowledge of business applications and uses, modern technology and technical communication skills connected to speed and flexibility to complete the business and negotiate successfully on labour market changes. Unfortunately, women in our Arab world often face well-established and widespread structural and social barriers that prevent them from practicing and devolving the skills required for all technological innovation areas; making progress toward gender equality in employment is very slow, especially in leadership positions. If we look deeply at the reasons, we find them differ from country to another according to its economic situation and educational output, not to mention the political situations in the Arab region and their significant influence on the current status of women. However, I mention the most important reasons in the emerging economic by which the both gender suffer to move away toward the technological programs: lack of keeping up with  educational curricula of the developments of modern technology, lack of curricula in motivating innovation, technical transformation and artificial intelligence, deepening the gap between youth and governments that become way behind the developed world in attracting automation programs and modern technology, in addition to the corruption of some regimes that backed out of supporting youth and investing in attracting and supporting technological innovation science programs in general.

          Despite all these challenges faced by women in our Arab world, full of escalation and tension, we can say that technology today has empowered many women to work independently in an era of technological transformation. These digital platforms have provided new opportunities and ways of working that are more flexible than before and helped to ease the work from anywhere with low costs and easy access to customer segments due to the growth and development of modern technological  marketing. It has opened up new economic opportunities and prospects and allied to support works in technical platforms, for example, digital work platforms are growing rapidly for Arab women in services and retail trade area, helping many women to transform into entrepreneurs in e-commerce. However, they still suffer from the effects of male society which often marginalizes women's abilities.

            We have to think seriously to encourage women to be more involved in technology. We look forward to   significantly participate of private and government sector in supporting women technical projects and developing their skills by creating further education and scholarship opportunities in the artificial intelligence and technological transformation areas and programs to develop the necessary skills to face the future of accelerated technological works.

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