7 ways to improve your negotiation skills to get the best deal: .

1. Build emotional equity and this should happen before you sit down and doing the negotiations, so they like you and trust you to get a good deal.

2. Recognize the power of thorough presentation, we will know we’re supposed to prepare thoroughly to negotiate but we often fail to follow through on our best intentions. The single most valuable step you could take to improve your negotiation skills is to prepare throughly for important talks. That might mean setting aside a set number of hours every day to do your research and homework.

3. Practice saying No, human beings are programmed to be non-conformational, from a young to follow orders or else get punished so taking the opportunity to say no to minor instances will help you say no to bigger things whether, it’s disagreeing with your boss on your performance review, because this lifelong habit of avoiding confrontation and just saying yes weakness your negotiation skills.

4. Know your value part of reason, why most people have a hard time saying no is because they’re not aware of their real value to the company, one of the key elements in negotiation is knowing what you have to bring to the label. The more confident you are in your skills and experience, the more your able to leverage yourself.

5. Study body language, there’s no question that body language is important, it makes your presentation more memorable, if you stand out during interviews and it also gives you that winning edge in negotiations. When it comes to negotiation, having the proper body language will not only make you feel more confident but it will also make you appear more authoritative and memorable.

6. Practice, the only way to be good at negotiation is to practice, rehearse in fronted the mirror so you know how you look and will be more conscious hand gestures.

7. Listen, Giving people opportunity to speak not only makes negotiation less uncomfortable. But it also helps you decide one which proper avenues to pursue.

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