Kuwait launches its First Satellite, "KuwaitSat-1", into Space .

Kuwait has launched the first Kuwaiti satellite, "KuwaitSat-1", into space, from the "Cape Canaveral" Air Force Base in Florida, USA, via "Falcon 9" rocket of the "SpaceX" Corporation.

KUNA stated that the readiness of the information and ground image reception station in the northern building of the College of Science at Kuwait University to capture the signals of "KuwaitSat-1" was confirmed after it reached its orbit around the Earth.

This project, which is affiliated with Kuwait University and funded by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences under the slogan "Kuwait into Space", comes after hard work that lasted three years, and with the efforts of a young Kuwaiti team.

Furthermore, this project aimed to build the team's capabilities in the field of building and designing satellite management, as well as to provide them with the necessary training and field experience. The project also aims to train Kuwaiti youth in this field.

The news stated that the station in the College of Science, at Kuwait University, where data and images will be sent after the satellite reaches space, is ready. In addition, the KuwaitSat-1 is one of the university’s projects, which bears the slogan “Kuwait into space”.

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