Yousef Al Marzouq: “Al Anbaa” is a newspaper for all of Kuwait, adopting credibility, impartiality, and the mirror of truth .

* My original profession is a businessman, not a journalist, and I am inclined to the commercial part of business.

* Real estate comes in the first place, but the rise in interest in the US currency improved the position of stocks and deposits.

* I am interested in following Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Donald Trump in the economic aspect.

* I am an ordinary, ambitious person who seeks to achieve his goals, and believes in the theory of “no one will humble himself for Allah’s sake except that Allah raises his status.”

* When we were young, my father’s method of teaching and learning surpassed international schools and universities.

* “Al Anbaa” reviews every word before it is published on “Social Media” sites.

* Love of people is a blessing from God, and my father has the greatest favor in such blessing.

* “Al Anbaa” was the voice of Kuwait in the diaspora and during the invasion, where it was issued from Cairo.

* I think that the former President Trump, was confrontational, but he has a purely economic mentality.

* Investment and tourism laws should be reconsidered, and I hope that Kuwait will return to its former glory.


He always stands at the success summit, defines his goals then seeks to achieve it, regardless of the difficulties and obstacles. He has come a long way to be a well-known businessman not only in Kuwait, but in the entire Gulf region. Yousef Khaled Al-Marzouq, editor-in-chief of the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Anbaa, which is considered the mouthpiece of Kuwait, Kuwaitis and residents concurrently, especially as it played a heroic role during the brutal invasion, as it was able to support the Kuwaitis at home and abroad.

Al Marzouq spoke freely, expressing his thoughts and mind with full transparency and generosity, which is truly expected of him, as his father, Uncle Khaled Yousef Al-Marzouq, may Allah have mercy on him, has taught him so much. 



In your opinion, who is Yousef Khaled Al Marzouq?

٭ I am an ordinary ambitious person who strives to achieve his goals, and believes in the theory of “no one will humble himself for Allah’s sake except that Allah raises his status.”

Which title do you prefer, Businessman or editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Al Anbaa”?

٭ Of course, a businessman because I don't originally work in the field of journalism, but when I approached the press I loved it; because it is a profession of trouble and hardship. My study and original profession were in the field of business, not journalism, as I am inclined to commercial field than the journalistic field. However, thanks to God, I was able to combine the two fields at the same time, as I was able to have a look at the commercial field through the window of journalism.

A well-known phrase “People's acceptance is a goal that cannot be reached” but I think that this phrase does not apply to you, as the majority of Kuwaiti society agrees about the role of Al-Marzouq family and what they offer to the country, so what is the secret?

٭ Love of people is a blessing from God, and my father has the greatest favor in such blessing, as well as the elders of Al-Marzouk family. As the love of people is not based on the name of business or due to my work in journalism, but it is attributed to good behavior, as my father taught us to behave in good manners, there is no doubt that people tend to be treated kindly. Our name is good in Kuwait and we have no problems or enmities of any kind with anyone.

You have said more than once that your father Khaled Yousef Al Marzouq - may Allah have mercy on him - is “your school” What did you learn from your late father?

٭ I learned everything from my father from A to Z, and my father taught us indirectly, when we were young we were not aware of his way of thinking and the mechanism of his teaching to us, for example, he used to push us to work and take us to companies. I see that his method of learning was more successful than the education we received in international schools and universities. As I believe that life is based on experiences, and education gives you information, however, practical life is the key factor that creates experiences in the end.

What are the most common traits you inherited from your father?

٭ I wish I could inherit the trait of generosity.

During the Corona crisis, most newspapers resorted to laying off a number of their employees and workers. However, "Al Anbaa" rejected to do the same. Tell us about the matter, and what challenges did you face as an owner to avoid doing this?

٭ First, they are not only employees or workers, but they are part of our family and our children and we are proud of this. I consider our employees not only doing a job but our big family. In addition, I think in the event of any shortcomings on our part towards them, they would prefer to work for “Al Anbaa” for no return because of their love for their home, “Al Anbaa”. We have made a decision to cut costs, but without laying off any member of our family. Contrary, salaries were increased after the crisis, in appreciation of their role. As for the difficulties that we faced during the crisis, it was decisions that were taken, whether lockdowns or stopping printing, which led to the suspension of the newspaper's advertising income; and because of this during the past two years, we thought about how to support our newspaper without income.

Al Anbaa has gone through many crises, whether Corona or the invasion crisis, during which “Al Anbaa” issued the newspaper with private money… Tell us about the matter.

٭ During the invasion, I was young and did not understand the events well, but my father told us about “Al Anbaa” and that it was the voice of Kuwait in the diaspora and during the invasion. As it was issued from Cairo at the expense of the father and to this day I still hear from people about the good biography of the newspaper and its heroic role during the invasion.

Al Anbaa newspaper is known for its credibility and impartiality. How did you achieve that equation amid the current media momentum?

٭ It is very difficult, as in the press it is easy to put fake and incorrect news, especially with the spread of social media sites and the large number of media platforms, but in “Al Anbaa” we check every word and the news is reviewed more than once before we publish it on social media sites. This is very difficult. We are keen on our reputation without any error, and this is the father's commandment to be keen on the credibility of the news and avoid provocative news. We publish the news with realism and credibility, and “Al Anbaa” is the only newspaper that enters every home as it is read by all society categories and all ages. In addition, since it was known as the Mirror of Truth, so to preserve this title, we must strive and work hard to achieve it, it is not easy, as it takes time and effort to verify the credibility of the news, but in the end, when we feel people's satisfaction, we also feel satisfied and enthusiastic.

To what extent are you satisfied with what Al-Anbaa newspaper presents?

٭ We are very satisfied with what we provide, and such patriotism has a price. We do not intend to provoke, but we have pure patriotism. Our main concern is the homeland, the citizen, and the resident. There is no doubt that we win patriotism in exchange of financial loss. That is the price, but we are going on.

You are a successful businessman, not only in Kuwait but also in the entire Gulf… in your opinion what is your recipe for success?

٭ I believe that success comes after failures, crises, financial losses, and projects failure. If you do not go through these things, you will not succeed. In addition, you must have honesty and conscience in your work, many projects fail due to the owners' lack of consideration for their projects.


What do you think of the policy of the current US President and why were you not satisfied with the policy of President “Trump”?

٭ It is supposed to be better than the current situation. Because America leads the world, it would have been more useful for the decisions to be more feasible, especially since the world is going through many crises, including the crisis of Russia-Ukraine, the economic crisis, Corona, and the health crisis. I think there is more that needs to be done. As for former President Trump, I think that he was confrontational, but his mentality is purely economic. I see that he has boosted the American economy and implemented many projects and achieved a good income for his country. However, I do not agree with his policy, because he was reckless and confrontational, and he did not have any special diplomacy towards the rulers of the Arab world who have their status and respect. We, as peoples, do not accept that our leaders' be treated ridiculously.

You mentioned that you, as editor-in-chief, are looking forward to meeting the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz. What are the most important questions that you will ask him?

٭ For example, I will inquire about Saudi Arabia's leadership of the region in general, the Palestinian situation, and the Yemeni war. There are many issues that can be talked about.

What is your opinion in the comprehensive renaissance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

٭ I strongly support this renaissance, and I hope that our beloved country, Kuwait, will take better steps. We have been late and regressed. We have been proactive in all commercial, tourism, and construction fields. I hope that Kuwait will return to its former glory, today, unfortunately, we are in the last ranks of the developed countries. That is why I believe that Saudi Arabia has taken sound and consistent decisions that willl serve as a stimulating fuel for the rest of the Gulf countries. Saudi Arabia will become a destination for global tourism and I think that we, the Gulf countries, will go there.

What decisions do you think should be activated in Kuwait?

٭ Investment and tourism laws shall be reconsidered, I have always supported the Islands Project “the North Project” as it considers a sovereign, economic, and protection project for Kuwait. Currently, we do not see any important projects other than the Al Khairan project, due to inactive decisions and laws, and because of the slow progress of work in government departments.

Do you support the idea of foreign companies entering and participating in the implementation of government projects?

٭ There is no country in the world that depends entirely on its local companies, a mixture of companies with experience and history is necessary. However, when executing a huge project, one party should not implement it. An international consultant should be hired, and I think that this is what will make the projects successful.



Again, back to the field of journalism, how do you see the future of local journalism, especially the printed one?

٭ It is a war, and every year at “Al Anbaa” newspaper, we conduct studies with international companies to determine the future of printed newspapers. In my point of view, I see that the printed press has begun to decline somewhat. However, the biggest problem lies in the weakness of the situation, what made the situation even worse is the Corona crisis. The situation was not local but global. However, indications confirm that the printed press is present, but in a weaker form.

Which is better to invest in now, stocks or real estate?

٭ Real estate comes in the first place, but now I see that the interest rise in the US currency has improved the position of stocks and deposits. Because the higher the interest rate of the US currency, the higher the interest on deposits, which prompted some to buy shares, but real estate is always has good position.

Who is the most famous and favorite businessman in the world?

٭ There are many, but I prefer Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and in terms of economy, Donald Trump. They are all the world's rich and they are crazy, and this is a major reason for their success.

What are the favorite hobbies of Yousef Khaled Al Marzouq?

٭ I love traveling, the sea, food, and movies, but unfortunately I spend most of my time in Kuwait due to many work duties. I can't enjoy my hobbies, but when I travel I can do it.

Last Word?

٭ I thank you, gentlemen, readers, and I say again and again that “Al Anbaa” newspaper is your newspaper and the newspaper of all of Kuwait.

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