“Legal Challenges for Women” .

The International Bar Association has honored the Lawyer, Areej Hamada, on the occasion of appointing her in the position of the Regional Representative of Kuwait at the Chinese-European Arbitration Center headquartered in the Federal Republic of Germany. As she is the first Gulf lawyer to assume this position, and with confidence that reflects the appreciation and recognition of this center towards her academic and professional career path.

The Chairman of the Association, the attorney Saeed Ma’sh, and on behalf of the Association, has expressed the best wishes and congratulations to the lawyer Areej Hamada, wishing her the best of success and luck in her professional career. Moreover, he invited her to visit the Kingdom of Morocco, with the aim of sharing her unique experience as a brilliant attorney and a role model in professional competence and excellence for the Arab lawyer.

In this context, the attorney Areej Hamada has stressed the importance of this honoring from the first association in the Arab world, which is specialized in supporting female judges, namely, the Moroccan Association of Women Judges.

Furthermore, Hamada also met with  during the visit with the King’s representative, the Moroccan judge, Aisha Ayat El Hajj, in the presence of each of the association’s female judges: Zohour Al-Rashidi, Jahan Mazouzi and Yasmine Kanaan, noting that this shield of honor is very expensive for her professional life and dear to her heart, being her first award of honor from an Arab country, and for being an award from the first Arab Association of Women Judges, and also in professional terms.

The visit also included many meetings with a number of political and legal figures, where she met the First Deputy Speaker of the Moroccan parliament, Mohamed Al-Sabari, and also with a number of female parliamentarians, including the Deputy Speaker of the Moroccan parliament, lawyer/ Wazina Addakhli, who got the highest electoral votes among women (316 thousand votes), a member of the Moroccan Parliament, and the member of the Justice and Legislation Committee, the lawyer/ Najwa Cox, the member of Parliament, Chairperson of the Parliament’s Public Finance Control Committee, and the Professor of Law/ Latifa Lableeh. In addition, Hamada also met with the Head of the Regional Human Rights Committee, which is fighting for women's rights, the lawyer/ Saadia Waddah, as well as the President of the Court of First Instance in Casablanca, the Judge/ Abdel Salam Masar.


Hamada told "Al-Anbaa News": During the visit, a round table was arranged on the occasion of International Women's Day with a group of inspiring female characters, in which we discussed our professional experiences and the challenges encountered and how to overcome them, where the positive atmosphere prevailed discussions in all aspects, while stressing on the importance of working to provide the best for women in general, and female lawyers and female judges in particular, indicating that the status that Moroccan women have obtained today is mainly due to the royal discretions, which have triumphed over Moroccan women’s rights, which made them achieve many historical gains recorded in all fields, as the Moroccan Ruler, King Mohammed VI, was keen that Moroccan women obtain all their rights on a par with men. The Moroccan woman was the first to ascend the judicial chair in the Arab world, as the first woman judge was appointed in Morocco in 1961, and since that date women could prove their efficiency and competence in doing this difficult assignment, which enabled them to move up the ranks of responsibility in the judiciary.

At the conclusion of the visit, Hamada expressed her thanks and appreciation to the President and members of the International Bar Association and everyone she met for the great appreciation and profound interest that she received, and that is not uncommon for the authentic, ancient and hospitable Moroccan 

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