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Executive Presence and Personal Branding Executive Presence and Diplomatic Etiquette Expert Founder of Executive Training Solutions (ETS) . Rima Arab

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”.  Ralph Marston

We have been created differently and your life is worth shining and never imitating others. Your job is to find yourself, your life passion, and to introduce yourself professionally.

That why the executive presence, which is defined briefly as follows, is important:

It means the ability to form and draw a mental picture to be comprehended by others about you and involves all your information and related-expectations and the services you render in your business.

Executive presence relies on three elements

  • How do you act (character)?

  • What and how do you speak (communication)

  • Appearance (body language, clothing etiquette and accessories)

Executive presence is seen as essential keys that render you able to:

  • Promote personal branding

  • Boost your self-confidence in commercial communications and public relationships

  • Improve your professional communication style

  • Effectively use your diplomatic language in building social and business relationships

  • Improve your appearance perception

We believe that the personal branding is a part of executive presence. This idea originally emerged with the appearance of the trademark / brand concept in the nineteenth century.

Where the goods are increasingly diversifying, this gives rise to a growing need to distinguish among the offered goods. The names, which were not directly related to the manufacturer, had been used increasingly; therefore, names, which could be distinguished, had to be developed to promote attractive products and create iconic images that render the product more shining and attractive to promote the quality and reputation in the minds of consumers and brand's differentiation from competitors.

Nowadays, the brand concept has evolved to comprise employers, artists, athletes, lawyers and famous people being the personal brand that introduces the distinguished services they render to people. Earning trust of the business community and a good reputation based on the outstanding performance make them a trend.

Based on my studies and experiences, I would recommend he/she who wants to build his/her personal branding to do three things:


Keep focused on what will make difference in your life. Change your mindset and inner state to having a self-confidence and completion capacity. Believe in your outstanding traits and capability to develop and flourish. Present your achievements with pride and dignity.


  • Target setting. This identifies who will be your targeted audience and whether the brand is local or international. This helps in setting action plan leading to your targets without wasting time or effort.

  • Identify your brand’s products which serve as your competitive edge. Look for your capabilities, skills and experiences that set you apart from other. Always keep focused on the original and real features and characteristics of what you present.


You should learn and be familiar with:

  • Art of communication

  • Art of appearance

  • Art of speech

  • Business etiquette

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