A STRUGGLE JOURNEY student of law . Farah AL-Sadi

When there is passion, sacrifice exists, and by perseverance, success is attained. The love of law has rooted inside my heart since childhood. I have always dreamt of wearing the black coat. There is no doubt that the surrounding atmosphere motivated me to realize my dream, especially that most of my family are consultants, judges and lawyers. Their persistence increased when I wrote my first legal book at the secondary stage. It contained 14 factual cases with relevant psychological analysis made by psychological counselor Dalal Al-Radaan. In this release, I had an optimistic future vision. I imagined myself as a lawyer having cases to be handled at office or in the central prison. The title of the release was “Issues to be Solved”. My release, was issued, thank God, in 2018, and it was praised by many people. I graduated from high school with the hope of working in the field of law. Therefore, I applied to join the Faculty of Law, Kuwait University, and I was extremely happy to be accepted. What made me really pleased, was that I met MP Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Kandary, on the sidelines of the freshmen orientation. He said to me; “You will be the beacon of justice.” As the academic year started, I was worried and concerned about whether I would adapt to other students or not, and if the teaching staff would understand my condition. However, I replaced all my passive feelings of anxiety with persistence and optimism. I started to explain my visual disability, and study mechanism to every professor, and they responded with warm emotions and sincere encouragement. But the difficulty was in converting books into Braille, resulting in huge cost to cover and long time to finish. This hindered me from studying and participating consistently with my professors in class. Another problem was that there was no test booklet at Kuwait University to write down my tests. Moreover, some professors of the teaching staff refused to allow recording of their lectures. On the other hand, writing, as the professor explained lessons in class, was too difficult for me to do, especially when he spoke fast to the extent that I could not follow. However, all these obstacles did not stop me from achieving my dream. Nothing is tax-free, even dreams. Therefore, in 2019 I issued a second book within my first academic year in spite of all difficulties, and it was well received when I participated in book fairs. The book, whose name is “31st of January”, is a romantic novel that tackles the adaptation of the blind in society. Again, there were difficulties concerning writing and issuing the book, as the word processing program was not compatible with the voice over on my phone, and I needed my paper drafts to be read. Furthermore, I needed someone to sign up for me to the readers. However, I have already passed so many obstacles successfully, and I will keep persistent to get over others to come. I can now foresee may future and share it with you. I will get a degree in law with excellent grade, become an international lawyer, issue more book releases and establish a publishing house.

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