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The Gulf Initiative Launches the Global Conference of the Digital Economy Founder of Eco System Management Consulting . Dr. Hanadi Mubarak Al-Mubaraki

The Gulf Initiative Launches the Global Conference of the Digital Economy

Dr. Hanadi Mubarak Al-Mubaraki

Founder of Eco System Management Consulting

The pillars of the meeting

Definition of the Gulf Initiative

The first Gulf initiative launched in 2020, which aims to diversify the economy through modern digital economy programs in the Gulf and developing countries to be in the ranks of developed global countries and in line with the visions 2035 of the Gulf countries and aligned with the global goals of sustainable development 2030

Objectives of the Gulf Initiative

The initiative aims to diversify the economy based on modern global programs such as innovation and entrepreneurship programs, the technology transfer and marketing program, raising the standard Gulf competitiveness indicators and linking them to global indicators such as the innovation indicator, the entrepreneurship indicator, the patents indicator, the science and technology indicator, and the research and development indicator.

Parts of the Gulf initiative

The Gulf initiative is divided into four main parts:

First: Hold an annual Gulf and International Conference to exchange successful applications and best successful experiences.

Second: Launch the Gulf magazine, Techno Park, in both Arabic and English, to provide distinguished international content.

Third: Launch the Smart Gulf Virtual Business Accelerator to provide joint Gulf programs in cooperation with international consultants.

Fourth: Issue a series of books on Amazon platform that aims at economic diversification through smart global programs, which is a road map for successful global applications of the modern digital economy.

Conference Theme

The theme of the conference was launched during the Gulf initiatives hold in 2020, which focus on advancing the system of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and artificial intelligence towards smart sustainable growth.

Conference Facts

The opening ceremony of the third global virtual conference was attended by 36 international, regional and Gulf people. It also includes 321 of the global elite of inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, companies, organizations and economic institutions, 45 global inventors who have obtained patents and international awards, 60 global consulting companies and 30 round-table discussion sessions. The conference will discuss 10 main topics for 11 hours a day over 3 days.

Conference objectives

  1.   To enhance the system of innovation, entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence.
  2.   Activating the role of societies with innovation, entrepreneurship and talent activities.
  3.   To sustain the intelligent growth through the technology of intelligent areas.
  4.   To sustain innovation strategies in educational foundations.
  5.   To accelerate the social and economic impacts of innovation, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship at all levels.
  6. .   To enable effective partnerships in the areas of innovation, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship.
  7.   To identify challenges and opportunities for innovation, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship programs.
  8. .   To enable economic diversification through intelligent programs such as: Innovation programs, technology transfer and commercialization.
  9.   To enable the digital economy
  10. To support inventors and innovators

Conference pillars

The conference will focus on 10 main pillars

First pillar: Global applications of the entrepreneurship system. Second pillar: Global applications of the innovation system. Third pillar: Global applications of the artificial intelligence system and technology. Fourth pillar:  To enabling virtual services for innovation programs, transfer and commercialization of technology. Fifth pillar: Global applications of innovation approaches. Sixth pillar: Global applications of innovation and entrepreneurship strategies. Seventh pillar: Role of the media in supporting the system of innovation and entrepreneurship. Eighth pillar: The Successful Journey of Innovators. Ninth pillar: Successful Entrepreneurs Journey. Tenth pillar: Global applications of the digital economy.

Parts of the conference

The conference is divided into four main parts:

First: The opening ceremony in which ministers, sheikhs, leading figures and diplomats participate over the course of three days

Second: Conference lectures delivered by experts, practitioners and senior policy makers in all Gulf countries

Third: Roundtable discussions, which include an open dialogue between the speakers to present their future recommendations

Fourth: The conference competition, which includes a financial reward of $7,000, aiming at promoting the atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship for all Gulf participants.

Gulf conference competition

The competition aims to encourage inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to attend the conference and the experts’ follow up on the pillars of the conference. There will be prizes of $200 for the first three participating


Sheikhs, ministers, the diplomatic family, academic institutions, international organizations, investment companies, professional associations, heads of local and Gulf newspapers, and elite inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs

Conference strategic partnerships

Mr. Anas Mirza, CEO of the Group, the National Technology Enterprises Company, the General Authority for Youth from the State of Kuwait, the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Innovators


Company, Perspective 360 ​​Global from Sweden, the Institute of Civil Engineering from Britain that is specialized in intelligent cities and innovation, the British Arab Chamber of Commerce from the United Kingdom, the University of California and the University of Stockton From the United States of America with exclusive media sponsorship for the annual conference, Al-Anbaa newspaper, Mr. Yousef Al-Marzouq, and media sponsorship, Al-Nahar newspaper, Al-Qabas newspaper, Al-Dana magazine, and exclusive Gulf sponsorship, Gulf Entrepreneurs Magazine

An invitation to register and attend

https:// forms. gel/ YurGZ1mDfQ4UEHsb9

Online contact via WhatsApp No. 55239576

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