How can you make up your name as a brand? Management in a Nutshell Podcast producer and Presenter . Jassim Hassan

When you hear “Rolex”, you will think about luxury, precision, quality, and high price. For that, “Rolex” is a desirable brand for many. The brand simply means a famous name to which certain qualities and feelings, that come to mind when mentioned, are related. What is the relation between brand and your name? Why should you care? We are going to answer these questions and more below.

Ara you a brand?

When your name is mentioned at workplace or somewhere, which attributes come to their mind? Can you control these traits? If you do not care or plan your name and reputation, your name will neither be known nor marketed. You would also fail to control your traits in people minds. Rather, planning and pursuing the assigned goals would render your name famous like Rolex. Brand is characterized by its famous qualities that, once mentioned, come to the listeners’ minds. It renders itself marketable effortlessly. E.g., if you named someone whose traits including discipline, commitment, punctuality in work, respect for others, profound knowledge and familiarity with cutting-edge research and information in his/her field came to everyone's mind, this name would be regarded as a brand. Look at your name as an expensive brand. So, you have to put plans to build this brand's reputation and not be left for randomization or for people's desires. If you market your name as a brand in your business locally or even internationally, you will yield many results. Thus, your reputation, that fills the horizon, will make easy for you to get work, and render your fees be higher than competitors because of your guaranteed quality and punctuality as Rolex watches exactly.

How can you build your brand name?

Two steps to follow to make your name as a brand. However, before we proceed, you have to answer the following questions?

  • What gives you a distinct advantage at work over other?
  • What are you famous for among workmates?
  • What you're good at and do it effortlessly unlike the others who do the same tiredly?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

First Step is to answer these questions and they will help you to discover your strengths to focus and strengthen. If you want to be a brand, you have to select your specialty in which you serve as a referee to whom people will refer to learn. For example, if you are proficient in technology and want to present yourself as a referee in technology, in particular the information security. Hence, you need to learn all you could of this area, to obtain international accreditations and certifications, to be familiar with the state-of-the-art technology in this area, and to acquire the skills and knowledge in the specialty in which you want to serve as a referee, to strengthen communication and emotional intelligence skills and to build relationships with others. Like the companies that concern with quality of their products and services, you have to be more attentive to the quality of service you render. At the start, you may need to render services free of charge for people to know and experience your high-quality services.

Second step, that follows the development of technicality and acquiring of necessary skills, is the marketing and penetration. Because you may have a great product, but what use is it, if it is not known by everyone? Hence, your work must introduce and market you. When you make a job, you should be perfect to render you a trend. When people talk about your work, you will get best advertisement ever. Well, this never happens overnight. It is a lengthy process, which requires among other things patience and the following:

  • Write in your field and provide audience with valuable content that makes people know who you are
  • Use social networks to provide the concerned audience in your field with a useful content. You can post on LinkedIn, tweet on twitter, or make short and helpful videos.
  • Participate in your field-related activities and conferences
  • Accept invitations to deliver speeches in your field
  • Make a podcast or be a podcast guest
  • Accept invitations to be a radio and television guest
  • Pay attention to your appearance and appear professionally
  • Build and strengthen relationships
  • If you write a book in your area, this will be your best investment ever

Taking above two steps, and with planning, persistence, and perseverance all will render your name as brand that markets itself. The work will then look for your rather pursuing for. All success for those who wants to be a brand. You can listen more about this topic at Nutshell podcast, episodes 107, 108 114

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