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Al-Mubarki: An added economic value for the "Innovation and Artificial Intelligence" Conference. DR . Hanadi Al-Mubarki

The second global virtual conference to support the system of innovation, artificial intelligence, technology and entrepreneurship will start under the patronage of the Minister of Oil and Higher Education, Dr. Mohamed Al-Faris, from November 16 to 18 through the artificial intelligence platform, as one of the Gulf initiatives of the President of the founding conference of the Ecosystem Administrative Consulting Company Dr. Henadi Al-Mubarki.

Al- Mubarki said in a press statement that the conference aims at 6 main objectives, namely, to strengthen the innovation, entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence system in the International, Arab and Gulf countries; to activate the role of communities in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship activities; to support the sustainability of smart growth through technology and diverse education strategies; and to implement innovation and artificial intelligence strategies, and entrepreneurship to accelerate social and economic impacts at all global, regional and Gulf levels, and to foster and enable effective partnerships and exchange of experiences Successful experiences in innovation, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship.

Al-Mubaraki said that Ecosystem will organize this conference annually because of its added value to the Gulf, local and global economy by exchanging future visions and successful practical experiences to enable the knowledge, technology and digitization based economy and in line with Kuwait Vision 2035 to transform Kuwait into a regional and global financial and trade center that attracts investment and aligns it with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Al-Mubaraki explained that the idea of the conference was developed within the Gulf initiative that I worked on for more than 20 years to seek economic diversification through global programs such as innovation and entrepreneurship programs, business incubator programs, business accelerator programs, technology transfer and marketing, and raising the competitive rankings and indicators of Gulf countries such as the Innovation Index, Entrepreneurship Index and Technology Index.

As she added that the Gulf initiative is divided into 4 main parts:

  1. The establishment of the Gulf and World Conference annually with local, Gulf and international participation to exchange the best successful experiences.

  2. The launch of the Gulf magazine Technopark to provide excellent global content to the Gulf, regional and international family and is published in Arabic and English.

  3. The launch of the smart Gulf virtual business accelerator to provide global programs for the Gulf family.

  4. Publication of a series of outstanding books dealing with economic diversification, innovation, smart growth, technology transfer and start-up business applications in the Gulf States, preparing a roadmap for successful global applications, all available on the Amazon platform in Arabic and English.

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