The outbreak of coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) is viciously impacting the whole world, in a way forcing companies, banks, financial corporations and factories to act accordingly, and be prepared for the anticipated financial and legal implications. Losses are certainly not limited to lives but will extend to have serious impacts on global economy. The urgent question is how the world will fulfill the future needs of global markets, being heavily dependent on Chinese industry, while Chinese factories are shut down to control the spread of the virus?

THE NEW EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE ON COPYRIGHT IN THE DIGITAL AGE Partner lawyer &Former Member of the French National Bar Council Curator of the Paris Bar Museum . By Emmanuel PIERRAT

Before 2019, legal insecurity remained for authors who pointed out the fact that the value of their copyright-protected works was unduly recovered by online platforms such as YouTube. Moreover, user was the only responsible for putting online counterfeit work. The platforms were protected by their hosting statutes which allowed them to never be held responsible.

Using Force Majeure shield under coronavirus outbreak – perspective under Chinese legal system PRC Lawyer . Ms. Eloisa Hu

The coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak first started in Wuhan (central China) around the middle of December 2019 did not take too long to have its national-wide percussion. On Jan. 24th, 2020, the Wuhan government announced the lockdown of the whole city (with around 11 million people), which soon extended to the whole Hubei Province

Doing business in Japan Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners . Kazuhiro Kobayashi

I. Inward Direct Investment Regulation 1. If a non-resident, a foreign company, etc., (the “Foreign Investor”) (i) acquires no less than 10 percent[1] of the shares in a Japanese listed company, etc., (ii) acquires shares or equity in a Japanese company other than a Japanese listed company, etc., (iii) establishes a branch office, factory or any such place of business other than a representative office in Japan, or (iv) takes an equivalent action ( the “Inward Direct Investment”), such Foreign Investor does not have to obtain any approval in advance, but it must report the substance of such Inward Direct Investment, its timing and certain other information to the Minister of Finance and the competent minister through the Bank of Japan by the 15th of the next month in cases other than mentioned below in 2.

Protection of well-known foreign trade marks in Kuwait Assistant Professor at the Department of International Law . Dr Bashayer Salah Abdullah Al-Ghanim

Trade marks are considered to be one of the most important constituents of commerce and its success. For this reason they enjoy substantial support and effort by entrepreneurs in order to distinguish themselves in both local and international markets, and thereby to contribute to the reputation of their owners and their companies.

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