Kuwait Lawyers Society and Marketing Crime Lawyer . AREEJ HAMADAH

Kuwait Lawyers Society announced on social media that it has issued a decision to refer all lawyers who use social networking sites for marketing to themselves and their law firms to the disciplinary board. It further called to delete of their names from the legal profession, because that is contrary to the charter of honor and is rather degrading to the legal profession and ethical practice. This attitude remains controversial knowing that all present members of Kuwait Law Society Board continue to market themselves through social media! I find this behavior contradictory. Since when is marketing and seeking to attract new clients a crime, a degradation, and an attempt against manners?

Break Through Glass Ceiling of Law Profession in Kuwait Lawyer . Sarah Alduaij

In 1968, the Late Emir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the crown prince and prime minister back then, granted women the opportunity to work and prove her that she is efficient in the work field because he was deeply convinced of her capabilities. To set an example the Prince approved to appoint the Advocate/Sara Alduaij as a legal researcher in HH Court. By assuming this position, she got to known HH closely and she memories this period and reflects on his personal side.

Finally, Kuwaiti women are judges . Legal CHallenges

After a long struggle for women in the State of Kuwait to attain the rest of their rights at the forefront of which is ascending to the judiciary, the Attorney General adopted a decision to transfer 8 Deputy Prosecutors and nominate them for judge positions. The decision comes as a historical precedent for the march of Kuwaiti women. The appointee

Highlights on the Law Regulating the Partnership between the Government and Private Sectors in State of Qatar Professor of Public Law, College of Law, Qatar University . Dr.Hassan Abdel Rahim

On May 31, the Emir of Qatar issued Law No. (12) of 2020 regulating the Partnership between the Government and Private sectors, and published in Issue 10 of the Official Gazette on June 11, 2020. This is the first law that regulates this field, after the partnership between the two sectors in Qatar was subject to the general rules stipulated in several laws. The State of Qatar is considered the third GCC country to issue specific law for this type of transactions after State of Kuwait and Sultanate of Oman. In 2015, the Emirate of Dubai issued a domestic legislation regulating the partnership between the two sectors as well.

Legislations and Fourth Industrial Revolution Data Products Lawyer and Legal Counsel . lawyer.Omran bin Ali bin Saeed Al-Hattali

Today, the world lives in a fast-paced society, as modern systems and technologies are racing against what has come to be known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It brings about us Internet of Things Technology - Augmented Reality Technology - Nano Technologies - Artificial Intelligence - and 3D printing. Other data of this revolution are yet to come, I trust. What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? What revolutions preceded it? How does all this connect with legislation and the law? In the coming lines, I will attempt to answer these questions and more.

Human trafficking Lawyer . Dana Nasrallah

Human trafficking is a serious human violation. It comes in different forms, including the removal of organs, forced labour, forced marriage, forced prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation. The traffickers could use women in sex trade, children in forced begging, drugs supply and people in work for no pay.

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